Mastering/ Stem Mastering

Fixed Fee – Guide £50/ Track – less for more

 Unsigned Discount

Fixed fee agreed per project. Includes all available current formats e.g.  FLACS, CD standard 4416 broadcast wavs,  4424 Mastered for iTunes, 9624 Hi-Def,  CDR masters, DDP images, high quality 320 kbs mp3s from the 32 bit master. Note that meta data, MFiT certified 24 bit, vinyl & cassette ready  masters are standard – not extra.

Attended sessions can be arranged of course, but the best results usually come from proper discussion, drafting,  and then listening to the drafts on your own systems. It’s too easy to show-boat on impressive full range monitor speakers you’re not familiar with – Karl learned this the hard way, as an artist. Listening should take time.


 £ Get in touch

Impossible to call a price, depends on too many factors . Could be a 30 minute tweak or a 2-day mix, and it may need stemming with certain plugins on before uploading. There are so many good plugins now –  and your mixes are so dependent on your plugins and the way you use them. So we’ll probably need to figure out the most effective way to add pro mix expertise to your mix, rather than start from scratch.

Attended mixes are more common and can be helpful.

Fair Price, 5-Star Treatment

If you’re the latest industry buzz, old school mastering engineers will put loads of extra work in for free.  It’s just standard here. Everyone is treated like a big name and charged a fair price.

No Hidden Fees

Redrafts, instrumentals and PA mixes are included in the quote. If it takes more than the usual draft or 2,  you won’t pay more. It’s your right to tweak your mix with expert mix feedback, and rerun the master.  That’s what most big clients do at all mastering houses. They’ll send nearly finished mixes as they get close. Even the biggest mixers in the game appreciate a new set of trained ears for expert feedback.  Try it!