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Pro Audio Mastering & Mixing

Expert Audio Mastering & Mixing Engineer
Mulitple #1s

Why KJAMM Pro Audio?

Pro Audio Mastering & Mixing
30 yrs Top-Flight Experience

Pro Audio Rates

Billboard#1 Mixing Mastering

Proven Commercial
Track Record

Multiple #1 successes from engineering on the Subbuteo Mix of anthemic 1990 UK #1 World In Motion by New Order , to mastering 2021 Uncut Magazine #1 LP No Entry by JazzFM nominated best British Blues artist Errol Linton.

Check 2021 classy newcomers Rudi (mastering) and Roze McQueen (mixing & mastering)

Stream records like BackTo Basics’ David Bowie Niteflights Mix, (mixing) amilionsons’ chillout classic Misti Blu feat Chaka Khan & sister Taka Boom (production,mixing,mastering), UK rapper Scorzayzee’s opus magnum LP Aeon (mastering) & Invisible Orchestra’s LP Champagne Taste, Lemonade Money (mastering) … & production, mastering or mixing of many more top streamers & sellers in the credits & discog including Andrew Weatherall, Edwin Starr, Cantoma, Chris Coco, Gong, IsItBaleraric?, Lone, Nightmares On Wax, New Atlantic & Weekend Players

Top Down Mix Expert – mix & masterbuss coaching to help your music compete with the very best

Check the LUFS of any big track for yourself. Top streaming tracks are mostly -10 LUFSi or well above. Top audio mastering engineers ignore Spotify’s recommended -14LUFS. They know their limiters with optimal settings sound better than leaving it to the vast variability of user enabled streaming normalisation, radio broadcast and different download formats

It’s crucial to know what each platform will do to your masters. Low bandwidth Spotify is nowhere near hi-def resolution

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