World Class Masters & Mixes

Outstanding audio mastering and mixing, with full current compliance on international broadcast & streaming standards. More than 25 years of top flight commercial experience will  get you results that no automated service can even measure – let alone reproduce.

Full Official Apple MFiT Compliance

Get your tracks  certified ‘Mastered For iTunes’ (MFiT) compliant & sounding great wherever they’re played –   vinyl, club systems, streaming services, radio etc.

#1 Mixes, Masters and Production!

Trust in a proven track record of Major and Indie chart success. Karl has charted globally at #1 as artist, writer, performer, producer, mixer and mastering engineer. A unique, 360 degree perspective of sonics and art –  pristine polish, perfect punch.

Front face of legendary Pultec EQ. Another of the many classic high-end emulations available and used regularly by KJAMM
Pultec EQ – Stunningly complex harmonic shifts for beautiful audio mastering shimmer

Free Expert Mix Advice

Smart artists/ producers  get it: if you want the best masters, you need someone who can mix  – and you can’t mix properly now unless you understand how mastering will affect the mix. It’s a no-brainer. Find someone who’s pro at both.  

if you want your tracks  to stand up against the very best in the world, trust someone who consistently proves they can mix & master at the highest level. Check the credits, not the slick marketing.

Frony face of legendary API 2500 audio mastering compressor. Another of the many classic high-end emulations available and used regularly by KJAMM
API ‘Slanting’ Buss Compression – audio mastering buss compression for aggressive tracks

Simple, Fixed Fee Workflow:

Initial free consultation. How do you hear your mixes? Let’s find reference tracks from the very best in the world. Agree a fixed fee quote . No up-selling extra formats.

  1. Draft the masters
  2. Happy? Yes > goto 3,  No >Tweak your mixes> goto 1
  3. Download your full set of compliant 24bits, 16bits. mp3s, DDPs, wavs, FLACS and whatever else you need