Creative Audio Mastering – Paradigm Shifted

Get stunning clarity and analogue warmth, with 25 yrs of successful commercial audio mastering and mixing expertise guiding your music to its ultimate potential. Let expert ears with superb monitoring sculpt a connoisseur classic sound profile with the sharpest of digital blades.  Great sounding masters fully compliant with international broadcast standards, streaming and vinyl.

Front face of legendary Manley Variable Mu audio mastering coompressor. One of many classic high-end emulations available and used regularly by KJAMM
Legendary Variable Mu Mastering Compression – One of many classics favoured here

Precision & Flair at a Fair Price

High-end DSP modelling from the leaders of the digital revolution has bust the lock on the venture capital stash of legendary analogue processors. DSP also gives us linear-phase precision tools that were just nerdy analogue wet dreams not too long ago – pristine EQ and multi-band dynamic control so transparent it can effortlessly enhance analogue vision in skilled hands. Digital has trasformed the creative potential  of audio mastering. So listen through the veil of expectation pushed with crazy prices. If your mix is digital, it should stay digital.

Pay for class-leading analog processing that’s more alive than converting back to analog! 

All the Pristine Analogue Kit – And None of the Studio Wiring!

Many DSP plugins model analogue so accurately now that no one can tell the difference – but by keeping it in the box, you lose all the audio degradation that comes with even the best studio wiring –  miles of cabling, patchbays, krone boxes, imperfect earth systems etc etc. So we get all the analog harmonic signature without the crud. That’s a big difference in preserving your pristine mix. It’s one of the main reasons at least one client has ditched their previous Grammy award-winning mastering engineer  – read more here

Front face of legendary Pultec EQ. Another of the many classic high-end emulations available and used regularly by KJAMM
Pultec EQ – Harmonic Spectrum Shifting Warmth & Shimmer

Free Expert Mix Advice

Get your tracks MFiT certified & fully optimized for vinyl, streaming, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, iTunes, club systems  & radio broadcast. With proven commercial mix advice so your music  translates across all formats and sits up in your genre – whether it’s folk or bassline.


Proven Track Record – International Chart Success

Trust in  international and underground chart success – uniquely charting in each discipline as artist, writer, performer, producer, mixer AND mastering engineer. Few mastering engineers have been signed – let alone had hits as an artist.  Very few mastering engineers have mixed commercially. And even fewer give away their hard-won trade secrets. So if your music matters, hire someone who consistently proves they can translate artistic goals into technical reality at the highest level.

Frony face of legendary API 2500 audio mastering compressor. Another of the many classic high-end emulations available and used regularly by KJAMM
API ‘Slanting’ Buss Compression Has No Equivalent


  1. How do you hear your mixes? Find references
  2. Agree a fixed fee – no price gouging for extra formats
  3. Draft masters, tweak mixes if necessary, redraft

Fixed Fee – Why Do Others Charge Per Draft?

If you’re the latest industry buzz or a huge name, the biggest mastering names might well do your tracks fixed fee with redrafts. If you ain’t, they won’t. It’s just standard here for everyone at every level. It means your bill won’t increase.  The fee includes whatever is needed e.g. CD standard 4416 Broadcast wavs,  4424 Mastered for iTunes, 9624 Hi-Def,  CDR master, DDP image, high quality 320 kbs mp3s etc.  Usually regular clients need just 1 or 2 drafts., but if it takes more, you won’t pay more. It’s normal here to tweak your mix with expert mix feedback and rerun the master.  Just allow enough time before release.  Oh and don’t forget the 3 month turnaround on vinyl pressing at plants stacked out by majors restocking Tesco & Walmart!


Guide Price £50 Per Track – Big Unsigned Discounts

 Meta data, MFiT certified 24 bit  & vinyl kosher masters included as standard



Great Gear Secrets

Image of DMG Audio EQuilibrium in action on a project showing possible mid and side bottom shelving audio mastering EQ techniques for mono sub bass - essential for vinyl cutting, radio and club systems. It also shows with excellent steep Chebyshev top cut filters, one of the many options available.
DMG Equilibrium Linear Phase Mode – One Of  The Most Versatile Precision EQs On The Planet

You won’t find a full kit list for KJAMM. Any endorsement deals will be made clear, so kit praised or critiqued here will be honest opinion based purely on pro experience. Excellent equipment is crucial, but in a maze of amazing emulations and digital dross, gear choice is prized IP. It’s discussed only with clients. But there is a mine of free info here. Pro tips you won’t read anywhere else, and in-depth advice from years of research at the sharp edge of audio mastering and mixing.

Dark ⒶRT

Social media is a hilarious audiophile horror show of the consequences of DSP tools that can butcher mixes in a blink. You need much, much more than the  10,000 hours to master the Art – another fake meme; like monkeys and typewriters delivering Shakespeare randomly in some soulless, materialistic vision of  Dawkins-esque scientism.

And, let’s face it, no one can actually hear whether it was 48 bit fixed or 32 bit float. Vanishingly few can even tell the difference between 256 kbs mp3 and its lossless wav. Most don’t give a shite. It’s not why we listen to music.

The fact is It’s a privilege to step into your mix. It takes empathy and ability to relate your music  to  mood, frequency, dynamics  and harmonic envelopes. Forget hocus-pocus hi-fi high-priesthoods. This is  much more like diving into your VR mix-world to reshape space,  tone, punch, sonic colour and vibe. It is absolutely possible to enhance mixes so they’re more glowingly Technicolor or post-apocalyptically barren if you like.

Get in touch if you want to see if proven experience can help support you in getting your tracks sounding like you want them – like the very best out there.