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ProTools Stemming Guide

1min KJAMM Zero Bullshit Pro Audio Guides: PorTools Stemming

Easy – but oversimplified if any of your tracks are clipping – and most mixes will have clipping tracks. In this case you’ll need the more detailed 15 minute real-time guide for ProTools stemming for stem mastering & mixing. tip : Don’t consolidate the tracks like many ProTools ‘experts’ recommend. That’s not whta I or any other mastering or mix engineer wants. You need to submit the mixed channels and the FX aux returns not just the raw audio.

KJAMM Zero Bullshit Detailed Pro Audio Guides: ProTools Stemming For Mixing & Mastering

2 thoughts on “ProTools Stemming Guide”

  1. Yes Lydia. But I prefer to stem out or rewire to mix once it’s ready in there. I really don’t like what Ableton does to the mix with its audio engine.

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