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Creative Space Rental Nottingham 2023

The Canning Circus Creative Hub est 1980,  has creative space rental at affordable rates in Nottingham NG1.  Suitable for activities such as podcasting, video recording, meeting, teaching, seminars, unplugged rehearsal, acting workshops, laptop work etc

Large 7m x 5m room, Collaborative room hire currently £30pcm for 2 hours per week , so 8 hrs per week = £120pcm etc. That’s less than £4 per hour room/space rental. Shared calendar reserved slots per week.  Get on board as a member of CCCH & pay a fixed monthly fee to enjoy regular weekly sessions or more intermittent regular use of our Room4 with flexibility to upgrade when busy. Slots can be held over for up to 3 months and used on consecutive days subject to demand. So you could for example potentially have 4 x 8 hr days/eves in a row once a month for just £120 inc VAT pcm.

You will become a keyholder, so good references and high trust are a must for everyone’s security.

The hub has nurtured many excellent creative startups since inception including Crazy P, Dealmaker Records,  Floating Point Digital, Kaos Clothing, Rikki Marr..

  • Full access
  • Super Fast Fibre wifi and ethernet upload
  • Green Screen
  • Mac for recording with Logic Pro, Garageband & Reaper + latest Izotope RX10 correctional software
  • 4 x battery powered Levalier type lapel microphones
  • 100W PA for playback – bluetooth/USB/wireless handheld mics
  • Business rates, cleaning, waste disposal, utilities etc all  included
  • Great prices for a creative space rental in a buzzing area of Nottingham NG1
  • Separate, shared kitchen facility
  • Run cooperatively with lots of established creatives  for networking and advice
  • Beautiful Victorian building
  • Great indie biome of Canning Circus shops & facilities downstairs
  • Lots of on-street parking
  • Limited secure cycle parking

Best of all – No fixed term contract.  Pey per month, one month notice. Pay on the day for another slot if needed when your allocated hours are up. Subject to availability.

Please note, unfortunately DDA access is limited in terms of 2 flights of stairs up to the room due to the Grade 2 listed status of the building. So public invitation to an event or seminar may be problematic, even if ticketed.

2 thoughts on “Creative Space Rental Nottingham 2023”

  1. Great! that’s the philosophy we launched Sirkus with 23 years ago. A place to be creative, not worship kit and process. We’d love to have you on board at the Canning Circus Creative Hub, but no space at the moment. Keep in touch. We support 100% what you’re trying to do.

  2. Dear KJAMM,

    We are a group musicians and producers who have all studied music to at least undergraduate level, whilst some have continued to study Acoustics to a master’s level. We are currently working within the Nottingham music scene in various capacities, however we are looking to embark on our our own artistic pursuit by creating a unique recording and listening space that will be used to record our own material and the material of friends who are currently operating in the local Nottingham music scene.

    We feel many current studios prefer high functionality in substitution for artistic identity, which subsequently creates recordings which are impersonal for both the producer and musician. By creating our own unique working environment, we can create tailored recordings that accurately reflect the stylistic idioms that both the musicians and producers want to exemplify in their artistic output. We intend for this space to a project recording facility, which instead of churning out records gives the musician and producer adequate time to attain the recordings they desire. In addition to this we aim to create a multifaceted live room which also functions as a listening environment so the musicians can sit with there recordings and experience them in an environment that offers high quality audio playback in order for them to fully asses the audio before making the leap to mastering and then release. Our excitement for this project does not come from fiscal and commercial success. Instead our zeal comes from the prospect of designing a facility that cultivates creative communication between producer and musician during the recording process, in a specialized recording environment.

    Yours sincerely


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