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#KickStartScorz LP Aeon:Peace – Gig Sat 28th

After a marathon stint shaping the 28 (!) mastered for iTunes dig 24bits and 16 vinyl masters,  Aeon:Peace To The Puzzle is delivered!  Get down to see Scorzayzee Live @rescuerooms a week today! tickets

A total privilege to play a part in birthing this epic work. Respect to all producers collaborators and of course Scorz. With production from Fever, Juga-Naut, NickStez & Zoutr and everyone working to crazy deadlines, showing these works in a cogent, respectful and heavy light was far from simple. Cuts from collaborators including Task Force’s  Chester P, Nina Smith, Joy Mumford and Daudi Matsiko take this collection to the next level. I predict big crossover radio action.

The sonic reference point for all was a golden era track done on tape and plenty big budget. So  the usual  surgical precision linear-phase EQ was tested to the max, including a totally new workflow with the thoroughly impressive DMG Audio EQuilibrium. Its tonal breadth & ability to go linear or analogue in phase response –  and parallel or series in bands, is simply superb. Then out came the ninja tube-ulators with varying amounts of drive needed and varying amounts of finesse working into the final limiter oversampling transient responses.

Ste Dealmaker got the skinny on the CD delivery while we were in Jam Caff last night & they’re in for the party next week, despite the delays.

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