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#1 Juno  Feb 2016 Aficionado | San Laurentino

#1 Downtempo/Balearic Recommendations February 2016

Another Aficionado vinyl beaut. well-deserving of the #1 slot.. polished lovingly with the analogue silversmith tools at @KJAMMcom

 Nado’s Boardman and Moonboots are purveyors of fine down-tempo and Balearic, based in sunny Manc. They met at the legendary Eastern Bloc. Few finer places to learn the trade – as their A&R-ing will attest.  A fine example of a purist expertise-emporium helping push vinyl sales back to 80’s levels. Long live the vinyl fairtrade revolution …

Source: DJ Charts > Juno Recommends Downtempo Balearic > Downtempo/Balearic Recommendations February 2016

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