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Immense new LP from Errol Linton hits 2020 Uncut #1

Errol Linton – No Entry LP

World-class performance that delivers authentic British lockdown blues inspiration. Gutsy, raw production from the analogue haven of Toerag Studios.  The sound is uncompromisingly and refreshingly old-school.

Listen and download here

Uncut 2020 chart here. #1 during December 2020, currently #4

Really pleased with these masters. Tasked with delivering vinyl cuts and the analogue ethos digitally. Working from newly produced digitised analogue tape masters is so unusual now, I had to rethink the process from scratch. Normally now it’s all about adding the beautiful analogue shimmer and harmonic edges that focus the sound. This was full of that – and the proud bearer of some magic ‘imperfections’ that only occur pushing analogue to the max.
For those of you who may prefer to wait for physical product, the CD masters were completed last week – production will commence as soon as CD plants open again…. watch the label listen/download  link above   for vinyl announcements. #newmusic #mastering #BritishBlues

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