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Interview / Phil Mison / Cantoma

Phil Mison’s 3rd LP Cantoma: Just Landed is about to drop. Mastered here with a keen eye over the shoulder to an illustrious track record. Phil lays out the balearic backstory and future in an in-depth interview at Test Pressing…

” … How did you get to meet Jose Padilla? How did you get the gig at the Café Del Mar? Did any other British DJs play there in it`s heyday?

I met Jose in Tag Records around November `92 . I vaguely recognized him, figured he was the Cafe Del Mar DJ and asked if he`d got the tapes that I’d asked a friend to take out to him in Ibiza that summer. His English wasn’t that great then, but he finally figured out what the hell I was going on about. I was DJing that night at the Milk Bar and asked him to come down and play a few records. He did , then we went on to do a couple of other parties at the Sunrooms in Southend and a small room upstairs in the Ministry Of Sound. A chance came up for him to play the whole of April `93 in Thailand, so he asked me if I wanted to go out to Ibiza and play that whole month at the Cafe Del Mar. Of course I said yes. I got the flight ticket sorted, then the night before I flew out, Jose turned up at the Milk Bar, gave me the keys to his house and said Pepe, one of the owners,  would be at the airport to pick me up. We eventually found Jose`s house up in the hills near San Rafael, where a couple of girls were living while he was away. They were less than happy to have me there at first, but  after a few nights out at Gerry Kelly`s Catwalk Bar in Ibiza Town we got on OK.

The first English DJ I was aware of that played at the Cafe Del Mar was Glen Gunner in 1990.  Also Martyn The Poet`s friend Paul played there. I’ve heard some tapes of Paul Daley playing there too in `92 which are pretty good. When I was there the following summer in `94 , Digs and Whoosh from DIY guested a few times, Kenneth Bager from Denmark, also Harvey played a couple of sunsets….”

Source: Interview / Phil Mison / Cantoma


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