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The Windmills Project – Death Disco EP | Hear Me Raw

Press is rollin….

The Windmills Project – Death Disco EP | Hear Me Raw.

March 20, 2015 · by hearmeraw2013 · in Rock, Rock Opera. ·

Coming Soon on limited edition 10” vinyl only, The Death Disco EP represents the first of 3 x 10” vinyl only Chapters comprising the debut album to be released by The Windmills Project – a rock opera influenced but not contained by the classics of the genre (Tommy, Quadrophenia) and Nic Roeg’s celluloid masterpiece “The Man Who Fell To Earth.”

There is no Bowie or Sting, no Elton, but a young sorceress lands on Earth nonetheless to document a small world obsessed with, and about to be consumed by, sex, propaganda, powerlust, religious war & social carnage. Is she an archangel of redemption or the darkangel sent to cast the planet down in misery? There’s the rub.

The Death Disco EP is now available to be watched and stripped at YouTube via the Station K channel. Rip it up:


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