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Waves – Multi Comp workhorse, bad press & 10% off all coupon

Just updated KJAMM workhorse tool Waves Lin Phase MultiBand in 24hr flash sale – 29$.

Least favourite company to deal with after their ‘enforcer’ viral bad press campaign – sending bogus ‘clients’ to pre-inspect studios’ licences a few years back. This resulted in legal heavies pursuing even demo enabled viewings in studios often desperate to secure the substantial lockout carrot being dangled. Work which might justify vast outlay on said plugins for the session.

This prompted months of  a/b-ing of shed loads of plugins with much better products out there in many cases.  Izotope and PSP’s dither and phenomenally clean end stoppers for instance.

…BUT credit where it’s due Waves linear phase multi is still currently  absolutely leading edge in sculpting scope and transparency.  It will finesse  beautifully, add  punch…. or royally f**k your mixes depending solely on your ability.

So pick and choose , watch for bargains where Waves’ stuff goes at realistic prices and here’s an extra coupon from their affiliate scheme.

Time limited Waves 10% extra off Coupon !



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